A Visionary of Oneness

Sri Madhusudan Sai believes strongly that children are the future of the world, and uplifting those who need help, uplifts the entire country and the world, for we are all a connected whole – One World One Family.

Thus, under His guidance, today, eleven speciality hospitals in India, and five hospitals in Fiji, Sri Lanka, USA and Nigeria are providing free healthcare.

38 educational institutions across 28 campuses, a University in South India, and three institutions in Laos, Nigeria and Australia are providing values-based education to over 5,000 boys and girls.

A morning nutrition programme nourishes over 3 million school-going children every single day in India and across five countries.

All services are offered absolutely FREE of cost to all without any discrimination.

12 Centres for Human Development in 11 countries have also been established to work towards the welfare and well-being of all as one global family.

Nutrition, education and healthcare are fundamental rights of every child and the collective responsibility of the entire society.

Sri Madhusudan Sai

A Message from the Founder

‘vaidyo nārāyaṇo harihi’ – a doctor is verily the embodiment of the Divine. The human body is the crest jewel of God’s creation and the only person bestowed to understand and heal this creation is a doctor.

The sanctity of this opportunity is often diluted by approaches contrary to the fundamental principles of medical care – treatment over healing, greed over compassion, and money over love.

In a world consumed by commerce, this one-of-its-kind medical facility would untie the strangulating knots that bind healthcare services with financial obligations and change the way healthcare is taught and learnt, given and received.

The Medical College shall provide values-based medical education, inspiring youth to serve the society and contribute towards universal health, with love and compassion as the guiding tenets.