Research is the distance between an idea and its realisation. 'Healthcare' is complete when treatment of disease is accompanied by the understanding of its causes.

Research Programmes

Ongoing Research Programmes

Sl No Research Topic Departments Involved
1 A prospective randomized open label comparative study to evaluate efficacy safety and resistance pattern of oral antifungal agents for prevalent dermatopite strains in rural Karnataka Dermatology + Pharmacology
2 An open-label, randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of two papaya leaf varieties in the treatment of Dengue-induced thrombocytopenia with emphasis on Quantification of alkaloid carpaine Pharmacology + General medicine+ TDU
3 A Randomized, double-blinded, Comparative, parallel-group, standard controlled study of Phyllanthus Emblica (amla) tablet in Iron Deficiency anaemia in Adolescent girls TDU+Community Medicine + Pharmacology
4 Effect of information and educational videos on serum levels among adolescent girls in rural areas of Chikkaballapur. A non randomised comparative field trial Community Medicine
5 Establishing district level blood donor registry and implementing completely non incentivized voluntary blood donation process for blood donation Community Medicine + Forensic medicine
6 Effectiveness of implementing tele medicine in management of glycemic and non glycemic parameters among type 2 diabetes patients in rural Karnataka General Medicine + Community Medicine + Pathology+ Biochemistry
7 Effect of maternal education about antenatal nutrition and infant feeding(health spoken tutorial approach) upon growth of infants in a tertiary care hospital, Chikkaballapur. Randomised controlled trial. Community Medicine + OBG + Paediatrics + Dietary + IITB
8 Fatty liver grading on USG correlation with lipid profile and BMI in rural population -A combined model approach Radiology
9 Fetal anterior abdominal wall thickness – an ultrasounographic predictor of maternal gestational diabetes Radiology

Research Publications

1. Model Making, An Interesting Method of Learning Anatomy: Students’ perceptions. Uma SV ,Int J Anat Res 2022, Vol 10(1):8291-96. ISSN 2321-4287 DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.16965/ijar.2021.210

2. Students’ perception on cadaveric painting as a method for learning surface anatomy, Uma SV. Int J Anat Res 2020, Vol 8(2.3):7569-74

3.   Students’ perceptions about the use of case based learning during dissections in an Indian medical college.Uma SV, Nachiket Shankar- Eur. J. Anat. 21 (1): 219-223 (2017) European journal of Anatomy

4.  Morphometry of glenoid using digital photographs and image processing software. Uma SV, Balasubramanyam V. Int J Anat Res 2016, Vol 4(3):2720-24

5. . Retroversion Angle of the Glenoid Cavity of South Indian population. Uma S V, Balasubramanyam V. National Journal of Clinical Anatomy. Vol5(1)22-27(2016)

6.  Inclination Angle of the Glenoid Cavity of Dry Scapulae. Uma S V , Balasubramanyam V. Anatomica Karnataka, Vol-9, (2), Page 13-16 (2015)

7.  Comparison of Total Degree of Transversality of Palmar Creases between Students & Labourers Using Novel Method of Digital Photography. Uma SV, Yogitha Ravindranath, Aaron DK, Roopa Ravindranath International Journal of Health Sciences & Research,2013;3(6): 17-22

8.  Bilateral single cord of the brachial plexus in an adult female cadaver of South Indian origin-Anatomy and Cell biology– Uma Viswanathan, Vigneswaran Madhivadhany, Nachiket Shankar. Anat Cell Biol 2013;46:223-227.

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6. Noorjehan begum, Sendil kumaran D Venkatesh G, Kulkarni SB Study of utility of short course of yoga to improve Reaction time. JCDR 2012;6(7):1241-43 (ISSN 0973-709X)

7. Sendil kumaran D, Venkatesh G, Ayasha Juhi. Evaluation of the effect of Gym workout on the Cognitive Abilities; Assessment by Simple Reaction Times. RJPBCS 2013;4(1):198-202. (ISSN 0975-8585)

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9. Nagendra N, Sendil kumaran D, Venkatesh G, Dhananjaya BS. To study the utility of QTc dispersion in Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy using Ewing’ s parameters. RJPBCS 2013;4(2):557-60 (ISSN 0975.-8585)

10. Dayananda G, Kusuma, Murthy niranjan HL Sendil kumaran D Comparison of Anthropometry,Insulin Resistance and Lipid Parameters in Nondiabetics with and without Family History of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

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6.  Sparganosis presenting as gynaecomastia. A case report in Sri Devaraj Urs Medical college Journal. Dec. 2003

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    9. Presented video in AMASICON 2020 titled, ‘Systematic Vascular Control During Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy’
    10. Presented in the Tamil Nadu Surgical Gastroenterology Conference 2020 – An Unusual Case of Portal Hypertension Presented paper in IASGCON 2021 – Caudal Pancreatectomy during Proximal Splenorenal Shunt
    11. Won first prize in a national level surgical gastroenterology quiz during IASGCON 2016
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