Professor HOD

  • Dr Vani Jayaraman

Associate Professor

  • Dr Santhosh Kumar

Assistant Professors

  • Dr D Meghana
  • Dr Radha A


  • Dr Shobharaj E N
  • Dr Ram Mohan
  • Dr Ritu Agarwal

Pharmacology plays a vital role in advancing medical science and improving patient care by elucidating the mechanisms of drug action, developing new therapeutic agents, and promoting rational and safe use of medications.

The Department of Pharmacology as a basic medical science specialty plays a vital and cross-cutting role in imparting knowledge and skills about drug therapy to health care professionals, students from Medical, Paramedical and Nursing.

The department provides best environment to study pharmacology and do medical research. Talented and experienced faculty is working towards medical research and teaching young minds.

The Department is involved in academics, research and providing support services to hospitals by leading Pharmacotherapeutic committee and Pharmacovigilance committee.

From March 2024, the institution has been recognized as Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre under Pharmacovigilance Programme of India.

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