Medical Education Director

  • Dr Raghupathi A R

Professor HOD

  • Dr Ramkumar K R

Associate Professor

  • Dr Vivek T G

Assistant Professors

  • Dr Spoorthy Rekha
  • Dr Narayana Murthy G R
  • Dr Archana S

Senior Resident

  • Dr Madhushree K S


  • Dr Manjunatha T M
  • Dr Shoubhik Banerjee

With the advent and advancement in the field of medicine, one department that stands out in this modern era is the Department of Pathology.

Right from the use of cutting-edge technology to examine diseased tissues and blood, to the diagnosis of the rarest of rare diseases, the Department of Pathology forms the excellent backbone of the Institution.

Having been equipped with a wonderful futuristic laboratory, with a blood bank providing 24×7 blood supply to the patients, and an excellent team of pathologists, who are both excellent teachers as well as doctors diagnosing patients immaculately, is the model of the Institution.

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