Professor HOD

  • Dr B.Viswanatha

Assistant Professor

  • Dr Kulbhushan Singh Bali
  • Dr Deepthy Das

Senior Resident

  • Dr Nidhi Mohan S
  • Dr Varun Kumar K B

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology is a comprehensive centre dedicated to diagnosing and treating not only common conditions but also providing expertise in balance disorders, obstructive sleep apnoea and swallowing disorders, absolutely free of cost.

Also, the outpatient department is equipped with a sound-proof Audiology Department and a Voice and Speech Therapy centre where care is provided by a trained therapist.

The faculty have qualified from Institutions of repute and are capable of handling common and advanced surgical problems including minimally invasive procedures and ultra-modern procedures like laser ablation surgeries with no monetary burden for the patients.

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