Department of Orthopedics

The basic structure of the human body, which defines the external appearance and stance of a person – bones


Assistant Professor

  • Dr Sandeep Patil
  • Dr Prateek Patil

Senior Consultant

  • Dr Mahesh Sagar
  • Dr Gokul B S
  • Dr Narendra B S
  • Dr Aditya N
  • Dr Varun V

Study of deformities and diseases of bones is a specialty branch - Orthopedics. This department deals with one of the most crucial part of human body, needed to maintain poise and stance, the very skeleton of human body, bones.

Hence, our hospital comprises, orthopedicians, specially trained for handling this crucial aspect of our body. Also, we do have state of the art, diagnostic modalities, biopsy, X-ray, CT scan.

Though this department deals with one of the hard structures of our body, our doctors are gentle and compassionate enough to address the agonies of patients.

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