Professor HOD

  • Dr Shuba Srinivasan


  • Dr Satish Babu K N
  • Dr Anand L Betdur

Associate Professor

  • Dr Jagmohan S V

Assistant Professors

  • Dr Gnaneshwari S J
  • Dr Harish T J
  • Dr Hiramalini Seshadri
  • Dr K M Rajendra Rao
  • Dr Chethan Reddy K M

Senior Resident Doctors

  • Dr Naveen Kumar R A
  • Dr Naveen Kumar N

Junior Resident Doctors

  • Dr V B Deepak
  • Dr Ansuja S

The Department of General Medicine is one of the key departments of the medical college. Physicians play a significant role in any hospital and having good physicians is truly a blessing in disguise.

The Institution is proud to present, a combination of both experienced and young and dynamic physicians, who strive for better diagnosis and management of patients.

Furthermore, a service-oriented institution standing by the principle of ‘Love All Serve All’, need its primary physicians to be Spartans, Academicians and Influencers, who look after patients holistically. Combined with excellent staff, state-of-the-art facilities such as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Cardiac Care Units (CCU), exemplary wards, dialysis unit and modern classroom tutorials, this is a fully-fledged ultra-modern department dedicated towards patient care.

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