Department of Dermatology

Examination of one of the largest sense organ of our body, related to the sense of touch - tactioception, dermatology


Associate Professor

  • Dr Manoj S

Assistant Professor

  • Dr Divya Seshadri

Senior Resident

  • Dr Vyshak B M

The skin is one of the most significant organ of our body, shielding it from the external forces, and protecting all the vital inner organs.

Our hospital, has Dermatologists, who are a rare combination of, professional excellence and human excellence, thus compassionately addressing all the skin related issues of our patients.

Moreover, we are equipped with infrastructure and facilities, needed to diagnose and treat dermatology related diseases without charging any fees for the patients. So, we can proudly say that, our dermatology department is ultramodern, with exemplary service being rendered with no fees!

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