Professor HOD

  • Dr Annarao Gunderao Kulkarni

Associate Professor

  • Dr Phaneendra M S

Assistant Professors

  • Dr Nandish Kumar
  • Dr Geethu S

Senior Resident

  • Dr Sandhya Gowthaman


  • Lavanya B V


  • Dr Rajani Ananthu

Over the years, preventive and social medicine has taken a giant leap in the healthcare sector. There seems to be nothing that can match a novel system, a guided protocol which can prevent the community from getting the disease and control its spread.

Trained to be primary care physicians and researchers with the necessary clinical skills, and knowledge of epidemiological and management principles, our faculty have the ability to apply this knowledge for the betterment of the community.

Already running some of the record community healthcare programs like DMCHP – Divine Mother and Child Healthcare Program, wherein both maternal and child wellbeing are nurtured through many sub-specialities like nutrition programmes, anaemia reduction programmes, breastfeeding campaigns, and hygiene awareness programmes.

Therefore, the existing model and its dedicated community healthcare professionals are being the forefront warriors in creating Awareness, Education and Empowerment in the rural community of India. Thus, this can be considered a flagship department of the institution.

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